What I Know About HypnoBirthing

Pregnant Mom by the Ocean - What I Know About HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing works in different ways for different women.

What I know about HypnoBirthing is – for some women it’s the nudge they need to walk into the hospital without white knuckles. For some women it’s the tool for an orgasmic birth in their own bathtub. Much like two women could take the same yoga class and have different varying levels of ease, both women did something helpful for their mind-body-connection. We have to let go of comparison.

What I Know about HypnoBirthing is – it takes practice.

It’s much like learning to swim. It takes practice. Maybe you did hypnosis or a guided meditation before and it “didn’t work.” This could be because it takes time to learn. Like anything good really – a bed time schedule, a brownie batter, a workout routine; consistency is what matters.

A class is helpful because it’s a spring board which allows women to be held accountable for the the first 5 weeks.

In class we will go over the different ways someone can get into hypnosis as well as breathing techniques that help to actually experience the exercises in the Hypnobirthing book. Reading about it from the book is sort of like reading about weight lifting or doing crunches. The real benefits are in the practical application, which you get in class.

It includes dads and partners.

There is even a part of class where the partner is given the tools to hypnotize mom. Maybe your main support person isn’t your husband, but a hired doula. This works too. With HypnoBirthing we encourage you to have a birth companion, giving you hypnotic suggestions your entire labor. We want to return the act of birth back into a positive experience for the whole family.

What I know about HypnoBirthing is – it can benefit families in all different scenarios.

I’ve assisted a mother using hypnosis for a necessary cesarean birth, for instance. Imagine how wonderful and helpful it is to have someone guiding you into relaxation before you enter the operating room. Likewise, I’ve also seen first time mothers fly through their labors in a few short hours with a tremendous amount of faith in their bodies using HypnoBirthing. It’s all good, it’s all helpful. I believe there is a deep need to let go of comparison in our culture. It’s one of the downsides of social media. Let your birth be your own story.

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