Postpartum Support Was the Best Gift of All Baby Gifts – Steph, Tampa

I got 20hrs with Amy as a postpartum doula as a gift at my baby shower and it was the best gift of all baby gifts.

Amy was extremely helpful! She is very calm, positive and open minded and was great with our little girl. She helped me figure out breast feeding, reading baby’s cues, had some good more holistic tips I hadn’t heard of before, was the first one to recommend having her checked for a tongue tie (which was confirmed by the pediatric dentist and made breastfeeding so much easier after it was released), had a ton of helpful resources and gave me breaks when I was exhausted.

When we had a medical emergency, she rearranged her schedule and was there to help us out.

I can highly recommend the postpartum services with Buddha Belly and can only imagine how helpful it must be to have her there during labor and delivery.

Steph, Tampa, FL.

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Buddha Belly offers new and expectant families the unequalled prenatal, labor and postpartum support in the greater Tampa Bay area.

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