Birth Plans Can Change

Birth Plans Change

When our birth plan changed and I needed a surgical birth, my doula held my hand in the operating room and helped us to stay calm.” – Haley, St. Pete Beach

Birth plans can change, like Haley describes. Many people (mistakenly) think birth doula support is only for a “natural” birth or vaginal birth. What role does the doula play during a surgical birth? If you’ve labored, she supports your comfort and calm during labor.

If you haven’t gone into labor, she can join you in pre-op as you prepare to meet your baby, helping to keep you calm and comfortable.

When allowed, she can join you in the operating room, reassuring you, keeping you informed, even taking pictures!

In case your baby needs medical care, she can stay with you if your partner goes with your baby, making sure you’re never left alone.

She can assist with immediate skin-to-skin in the operating room, breastfeeding in recovery or both when you are reunited with your baby.

We’ve also had postpartum doulas stay overnight in the hospital with mothers who have just had a surgical birth to help them rest and care for their babies.

The bottom line is that doulas support. No matter what.

About Amy Lewis

Amy is certified by ProDoula as a labor doula, postpartum and infant care doula and postpartum placenta specialist. She was certified by the Healthy Children Project and the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice as a lactation counselor and is a birth, newborn and breastfeeding educator.

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