Research has shown that having the support of a professional doula during labor and birth, contributes to a more satisfying experience. And, having the support of Buddha Belly Doulas elevates the experience even further!

Our doulas are specifically trained to instill strength for birthing families, while reducing fear, stress and anxiety. We do this from the moment you engage our services, all the way through to the moment your baby is placed in your arms.

Ou educational support is exclusively evidence-based and enables the decision making that is best for you and your baby.

Our physical presence optimizes your comfort as we meet your relaxation needs through breath work, massage, and counter-pressure.

Our emotional availability is at the ready as waves of thoughts and feelings swell, and you find you need a safe place to release them.

Buddha Belly Doulas focus on actively listening and attuning to the needs and wishes of each and every unique family that we support. We recognize you as the individual that you are.

We know that your experience will become a memory that is etched in your mind for eternity, and we are committed to supporting you through it in a way that is customized specifically to you.

Our birth doula services begin during your pregnancy:

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time in one's life but sifting through the evidence surrounding birth while being inundated by the thoughts, advice and opinions of others can easily lead to feelings of overwhelm. Allow our doulas to help build your confidence and enable you to remain focused on what feels best for you. By providing you with evidence based information that is free from bias or judgement, your wishes and desires for your birth will manifest with ease!

Dedicated support in labor and birth:

The continuous support of a doula has proven to reduce discomfort and lower the risk of interventions while creating an overall more satisfying experience for birthing families. The story of your labor and birth will stay with you for your entire life. Buddha Belly Doulas will be by your side every step of the way to foster a positive and calm environment that will contribute to you feeling proud and empowered!

The postpartum hour:

You've just given birth and you're literally blown away by the feelings washing over you. You're looking at the tiny human being who has been growing and thriving within your womb, and you can hardly believe the day has finally come. You've been laser focused on giving birth and instantly it is time to shift gears. You look up for a moment and catch the proud eye of your doula. She is right by your side to gently assist you with your baby's first feed and help you navigate the first hours of parenting!

When you hire a doula from Buddha Belly Doulas you're saying yes to:

  • Two doulas who will be on call, round the clock to meet your every need
  • A comprehensive prenatal visit to develop and convey your birth wishes to your doulas
  • In-person, real time support throughout your labor and birth. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Real-time emotional, and informational support from your compassionate and comforting doula
    • Physical comfort measures in the form of relaxing massage, counter pressure, and breathing techniques, as well as suggestions for positional changes for labor progression
    • Early infant feeding support and newborn care 
    • Informational support regarding newborn procedures during the “Golden Hour”  
    • An in-home postpartum visit within one week of the birth of your baby to help you transition smoothly to life at home with your newborn
    • An understanding and compassionate professional that you can count on to be there for you in your most vulnerable yet powerful moments

Our support awaits you! Contact us today to discuss the upcoming birth of your baby. 


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