We have years of experience breastfeeding our own babies and supporting breastfeeding families in a professional capacity. Below we share our personal stories, breastfeeding tips, tricks and basic knowledge.

About Breastfeeding

What Should I Know about Breastfeeding?

By Amy Lewis | April 30, 2018

“What should I know about breastfeeding?” Of course, every woman is unique AND each breastfeeding journey is, too. It’s good to be cautious of advice that is applied like a cookie cutter to each and every person. But in this case, I feel confident that these three things will help every mother-baby breastfeeding pair.  …

An Oversupply of Breastmilk

An Oversupply of Breastmilk?

By Christie Collbran | February 16, 2018

Breastmilk oversupply? Before it happened to me, I really didn’t realize it could be a problem. How could any mother have an oversupply of breastmilk and how could that possibly be a problem? I’d heard about mothers who struggled to keep their milk supply abundant enough for their baby, but oversupply? It sounded like a…

When is the right time to wean?

When Is the “Right” Time to Wean?

By Amy Lewis | February 5, 2018

In America, most babies (approximately 77%) wean – that is, stop breastfeeding – by one year of age, according to the CDC. However, that doesn’t mean YOUR baby will or has to follow this same timeline. The book Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives surmised that the human biological age for weaning from breastfeeding is between two and…

Lip & Tongue tie in relation to breastfeeding

What’s a Lip/Tongue Tie? A Dentist’s Personal Story

By Buddha Belly Doulas | December 18, 2017

Last week we visited with Dr. Maggie Davis, a pediatric dentist in Palm Harbor. She has a fantastic practice tailored to the needs of families with infants and small children all the way through adolescence. We are happy to have her as a guest blogger providing this helpful information. – Christie & Amy The topic…

Breastfeeding and Pumping in a hurricane

Keep Calm and Feed On!

By Buddha Belly Doulas | September 6, 2017

Are you worried at all about the potential impact of Hurricane Irma on you and your baby? Here’s some helpful tips from one of our postpartum doulas: If you are currently breastfeeding- continue to do so. There is no need to stop breastfeeding because of a storm. Just do the best you can to care…

Breastfeeding Talk Plugged Ducts

Breastfeeding Talk, Plugged Ducts

By Christie Collbran | August 2, 2017

Who knew there was so much to know about breastfeeding?! Breastfeeding mothers experience varying issues that are worthy of discussion to help in having a successful breastfeeding experience and prevent more serious conditions from happening. Today we will discuss plugged ducts! While breastfeeding, occasionally the milk flow becomes obstructed in one of the milk ducts.…

Breastfeeding Support

My Newborn Wouldn’t Latch

By Buddha Belly Doulas | August 1, 2017

Nursing, although natural, can be nothing short of a beautiful struggle. It is a delicate dance between mother and baby at first breath earthside, and quite frankly an acrobatic adventure as time moves forward. It moves through its phases but you’ll always remember those eyes staring up at you, the mumbling as they feed, dropping…

breastfeeding advice

Breastfeeding Advice from a Tampa Bay IBCLC

By Buddha Belly Doulas | November 12, 2016

First, congratulations on choosing to learn more about breastfeeding! Getting educated on breastfeeding will help you get off to a great start. Read books, talk to friends and professionals and ask questions; you are going to do great at this!  You probably already know that breastfeeding is the biological norm. This is how we have…

mom breastfeeding

My Breast Wishes

By Amy Lewis | August 2, 2016

A new mother shared her breastfeeding struggles with me this week. Her baby is three months old and she has tried every position without being comfortable. As we worked together on how to nurse upright in her ring sling, I was reminded of my first nursling, born almost six years ago. In honor of World…


How Do I Get A Breast Pump From Insurance? [updated in 2021]

By Amy Lewis | April 27, 2016

Expecting parents sometimes ask us how they can get a breast pump from their health insurance company.  Whether you’re planning to return to work or not, a breast pump is handy to have available for those times when you can’t nurse your baby at your breast. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, these should be…

Doula Support Positively Affects Breastfeeding

Doula Support Positively Affects Breastfeeding

By Christie Collbran | March 11, 2016

Improved breastfeeding outcomes are not merely opinion. Research has concluded what many mothers and doulas know from personal experience. Having a doula not only improves the birth experience, it makes the transition to a new life with baby smoother. Plainly stated doula support has a positive affect on breastfeeding! One study was conducted with 724 first time mothers.…

Breastmilk - Is My Baby Getting Enough

Three Breastfeeding Tips

By Christie Collbran | February 22, 2016

We support women no matter how they choose to feed their babies. It’s interesting to note that about 80% of women initiate breastfeeding in the US. Although breastfeeding is natures way to feed a baby, it doesn’t always come naturally to every mother and baby pair. For those who wish to succeed at breastfeeding here are…